Luke Bilger

Luke Bilger

Entreprenuer / Software Engineering Lead


My passion lies in crafting software with an acquired expertise that spans across all disciplines. This means uncovering a market need, working with product to define customer value, leading design/development/QA/DevOps to deliver that value, and then helping sell / market that value continuously while repeating the cycle.

I want to be THAT software engineer that is fully submersed in people, processes and systems and take companies through the J-curve from Create to Harvest.

My career has involved a variety of scenarios:
  • witnessing the acquisition "honeymoon period" end twice
  • being a lead for 4 verticals in a mid-sized company
  • co-founding an agency and hiring/managing/parting with staff
  • being a solo scrappy entreprenuer supporting his family during the sub-prime crash
  • learning the culture and SDLC within a Fortune 50 company
  • getting thrown in tough situations creating solutions for Fortune 100 companies
  • working many all-nighters and deploying code at the same time the birds chirp at sunrise

...and more fulfillingly leading and working with great people who teach and inspire me to be a better engineer and leader.